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8 Jan

I didn’t blog about Dad yesterday. Quite frankly, yesterday was a strange day with many ups and downs and information was (and IS) hard to nail down.

Dad did NOT get out of ICU yesterday. When Mom was finally able to go back yesterday morning, she found that Dad was sleeping and had a fever. The Neurosurgeon did not like the fact that he was not waking up and running a fever of 101, so he ordered yet ANOTHER CT scan (I am looking for a coupon or hope they have a volume discount) and ordered some lab work on the spinal fluid that drains out of his shunt. Everything seemed to be okay.
But Dad would NOT wake up.
So they call in a cardiologist. Dad’s heartbeat has been a little irregular. Two cardiologists come and look over his charts, ask Mom a ton of questions, and discuss the case. They decide there is nothing to be concerned about but do order an echocardiogram. Echo is done and Mom never hears anything about what it showed. I wonder if they are going to use it as a baseline or something.
But Dad would NOT wake up.
After all that Dad has been through, it does concern me that no one seems to be able to figure out why he won’t wake up. He would come around a talk a little, and go right back to sleep. Mom, my sisters, and I are all getting upset. Wondering what will happen next on this rollercoaster we’ve been on for two weeks now.
And Dad woke up. And he seemed fine. He tried to set a nurse up with my nephew. He was talking like crazy. So I wonder if he has his days and nights mixed up?? I could see where that would be easy in ICU.
Anyway, we have no idea when he will get out of ICU, let alone the hospital. And we still covet your prayers.
And please pray for Ed Self and his family. Ed is Ebenezer’s minister of music and he was called to Rock Hill yesterday because his father is close to death. Ed’s dad has fought COPD for many years and docs feel he will pass away in the next day or two. I guess its a bad week to be an Ebenezer staff dad.

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