A change of plans, but good news nonetheless

26 Jan

Got some good news on Dad. Not what I expected yesterday, but good news. First of all, Dad’s procedure to implant the pacemaker went off without a hitch. YES, they put it in without knocking him out. I can’t imagine that. He was on bedrest yesterday and was NOT HAPPY about it.

Yesterday afternoon we got news on the rehab hospital. Apparently Dad is not a candidate for Roger C Peace. He needs a little more time than they can give him. Therefore they want to move him to the Cottages in Greer (still part of the GHS system and they can give him extended time). My aunt Frankie was just there to rehab a joint replacement and she did well. And she really liked it. That kind of reference is gold to Mom.
So it looks like Dad will be moving in the next couple of days. Of course, he wants to GO HOME!!! This is the first step towards home and I am praying he really understands that.

One Response to “A change of plans, but good news nonetheless”

  1. Betty Moore-Bell January 26, 2010 at 12:14 pm #

    baby steps but steps nonetheless…..how exhausted your precious mom must be. Woul dyou share an address so I could send her a note? bmb

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