Things move fast around here

27 Jan

Got a call from Mom yesterday. She said they were moving Dad TODAY (meaning yesterday). Once the ball starting rolling, it rolled quickly. By the end of the afternoon, Dad had been transported from GHS to the Cottages in Greer (I am unsure of the actual name).

It is a fully-functioning rehab facility. I called and talked to him after they got moved over and settled in. I really do think he has the drive to get this rehab going and get home soon!! That is what we are praying for!!
On another note, Dad had an unusual bruise come up right under the place where they put his pacemaker. It is a perfectly-shaped heart! Mom said nurses from all over the floor were coming to take a look at it.

One Response to “Things move fast around here”

  1. Betty Moore-Bell January 27, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

    this is so encouraging for you all-glad for good news!

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