What do YOU bring to the table?

27 Jan

As I sit here, reflecting for a moment on a week that is flying by, I am drawn to recent events of which I cannot detail. People are so fickle. Sometimes its funny and sometimes its just sad. For some, the church is a great place of rejuvenation, joy, fellowship, and a place where God is found everytime the doors open. And for others, the same church can be a source of heartache, trouble, discord, and unhappiness. And all of that is determined by WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE OF THE LORD!

When you come into this place, do you bring your best or do you bring your junk?? Some could misunderstand that statement to question how we dress ourselves up on the outside. But that is not what I ask today. Do you bring your best HEART to God?? Are you growing on the inside? Does being a part of a body of believers make you want to bring your best?

Or, are you finding the WORST? Churches are notorious places for the passive-aggressive to succeed in fulfilling their agendas. One of the ways this is done is finding the worst in a fellowship and exploiting it. If you examine Ebenezer under a microscope, you will find flaws in both the buildings and the people. No joke. And you will find the same in EVERY CHURCH you examine. Do you realize why?? Because churches are made up of IMPERFECT PEOPLE, of which you and I are two!! šŸ™‚

So … If you are not finding the fulfillment you think God intended for the church to bring … no matter which local church YOU are part of … ask yourself this question:

What am I bringing to this?? Am I bringing my best??

If you are honest about that, you will be amazed at what God will do!

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