Yet ANOTHER update from Greenville Memorial Hosp

2 Mar

Yes, I sit in yet another hospital room today. Around the corner from the other TWO we had in the previous weeks. Dad had a good night, but we’ve already felt the full PASSIVE force of organizational chaos. And it is very frustrating.

I think Dr. Nelson is a talented surgeon, but really have not been able to talk to him much. What we NOW know is that they are going to walk Dad around some today and possibly still send him back to rehab tomorrow or Thursday, and make this drain permanent NEXT WEEK. Mom and I both misunderstood that last week in his office.
So here we sit, not knowing whether to start the wheels (as we were told to do by the case worker at the Cottages) or wait. Dr. Nelson said making this permanent next week would NOT stop dad from going back into rehab this week. And if this all plays out this way, we have ANOTHER hassle of getting readmitted to the Cottages for a week or so and redischarged to Memorial, do have to go through all of the hoops again.
So we’ve paged the case worker for this floor and intend to ask HER to get us some answers. Maybe she can get more info out of this machine that we apparently can …

One Response to “Yet ANOTHER update from Greenville Memorial Hosp”

  1. Beverly March 3, 2010 at 5:48 am #

    I hope this permanent drainage doesn't make your Dad nauseated like it did my Mom. They had to stop draining the fluid on her because of the horrific headaches and vomiting. That disease progressed quickly at that point and took her life. When she knew that Daddy had died, she was heartbroken and cared not to live anymore without him. They were so in love, David. I think that's why she died only 8 weeks after he did. She missed her man and wanted to be with him!!

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