Here is where is are …

4 Mar

Yesterday moved so fast I didn’t have time to blog. So here is what happened since the last one:

We had a run in with a nurse that was less than professional. Handled that with a 30 minute conversation with her supervisor yesterday.
Dad WAS finally able to stand a walk a little. And he is now back at the cottages. Dr Nelson was very pleased (as were we) with the temporary drain. We saw immediate improvement in his general condition and his mental sharpness. Now that they are back at the cottages, Dad just needs to show us his improvement on the field of rehab. And I think he can and he will!!
We DO have to go back late next week and make this fix permanent. Doc says this will simply be an overnight stay. EVERYTHING he said about this visit was accurate, so I have no reason to doubt! I do hate this couldn’t have all been handled in one visit, though. It is quite a disrupting circus to get Dad from rehab to the hospital …
Dad just wants to go home. I told him over and over again the way home is through doing EVERYTHING the doctors and rehab folks tell him. My prayer for him is that he will keep that drive going.
My prayer for Mom is that she will get more rest and take care of herself a little.

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