Sitting in GHS once again

22 Mar

As I logged in to write this post, I just realized I’ve not posted in almost a week. I am sorry for that, just haven’t had the heart …

I sit here, in this same waiting room again. No news yet because Mom and Dad are still back in holding. His surgery won’t actually happen until around 1pm. Riding up here gives me plenty of time to think, and plenty of sights to see!! And the hillbillys were out today (I AM one, so I am allowed to say that!!)
In Laurens, this tough thug passed me and shot me a look that would’ve stopped a watch. Then I passed him back in traffic and saw why: There was a sticker on the back of his car that said “Lander Girl” and the tag on the front said “Diva” and I MADE SURE IT WAS A DUDE!! (At least, it looked like a dude!) If I was driving around in a car like that, I would give people mean looks, too!
The reality of all that takes place here today is pretty heavy: IF this works and makes a difference, Dad could really get back on the horse so to speak … If not, we have some difficult decisions to make. Decisions that could have a major impact on a lot of things.

One Response to “Sitting in GHS once again”

  1. Jo Anne Nesmith March 22, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    Knowing you are a pastor there is nothing you -yourself haven't said to familys in the past. BUT also, you are a human and you still need to know that God is there and all you can do is know that it is all in his plan. I know you don't know me as well as my counterpart but in August of 2007 I lost my stepfather of 35 years, then mom was diagnosed with cancer and everything else going on in everyday life. But one thing and one thing only is knowing…GOD IS THERE.!!! So hold tight David, it is a roller coaster ride,,so raise you hands up…YELL, SCREAM and then when it stops,,say Thank you God and start over again..

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