DDay + 1

23 Mar

Okay, we are one day out from surgery. Surgery did go well. Dad is still feeling the effects from being knocked out, but did NOT get sick last night. Well, he also didn’t eat anything, either. Dr Nelson has already written the order for us to go back to the Cottages at Brushy Creek (GHS rehab) and we already know it will be THREE O’CLOCK before that can happen. Transport and checkin red-tape, nothing wrong.

And now TIME will write the rest of this story. So far, so good. And my family, and especially my Dad, are VERY APPRECIATIVE of all the prayers, love, and support our friends and greater family have shown us over the last few days and months. Dad has either been here at GHS or at the Cottages since Christmas Day, and yesterday was his seventh surgery since Dec 26th. It has been a rough and wild ride. And hopefully we will see some smoother sailing in days to come!

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