Getting back on the horse

24 Mar

When Dad first went to the Cottage rehab (about 56 days ago), he made steady progress. He was walking, doing well in occupational and speech therapy. And as the fluid built up again, he slowly lost ground. THAT is the purpose for the past TWO surgeries.

NOW, its time to get back on the horse. Dad has a evaluation THIS MORNING at 9 am. Mom is convinced if he doesn’t show improvement that they will be forced to declare him on a plateau and send him home. There is NO WAY he could go home in his current condition. I believe, since his doctor said it would take a few days before we see a noticeable difference, and since he is still reeling from being knocked out for this surgery, that this must be a baseline. (I will be calling this morning to verify that with our case worker)
Regardless, Dad has to get back on the horse. And make progress. And yesterday, he was in pretty rough shape.

One Response to “Getting back on the horse”

  1. Betty Moore-Bell March 24, 2010 at 12:02 pm #

    I get weary just thinking about the emotional roller coaster you guys are on and I feel so inadequate as a friend. Please know how much I care. Love you all so much, bmb

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