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5 Apr

I haven’t had the time to blog lately … So here goes the MEGA UPDATE:

Dad did pretty well in his recovery last week at the beginning of the week. Was walking more and more, did not let gout get in his way. As the week went by, he seemed to plateau a little. He has not had a good weekend. Mom is starting to realize that she will need help to take Dad home, and his rehab window is running out. Much prayer is needed for this, because lately he won’t let her out of his sight.
Immediately after Maundy Thursday service, Diana, Drew and I drove to Easley. We got up early Friday morning and completely emptied Mom and Dad’s bedroom to clean the carpet. We then went to Clemson to get Krissy and came back over to Easley, then Greer. Drew and I took Dad out for a long walk around the campus and sat on the porch for a long time. We went back in, had supper with Diana’s family, and went back to the house to paint one of the bedroom walls that desperately needed it.
On Saturday morning, we put the furniture back in, headed over to Clemson, then to Greer. Then home. (MAN I WAS TIRED)
Sunday was AWESOME at Ebenezer. I count myself grateful to be part of a REAL NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH. NO ONE can match my Ebenezer family.
I tweeted Friday about being tired of Southern Baptist bashing going on in Florence and was amazed at some of the responses, both on Facebook and in personal emails. I KNOW GOD WILL DEFEND HIS CHURCH. That is all I need to say about it!!!

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  1. Anonymous April 5, 2010 at 5:10 pm #

    David, if there is anyway that we can help please let us know. We pray regularly for you and your entire family. Having to go that far so often wears one out!! God's blessings Ted and Betty

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