Conviction VS Venom

5 Apr

YES … sounds like a Marvel Comics double issue!! But it’s not …

After a little chat with a friend today, the idea of exploring the difference between conviction and venom was born. I hope thinking about all of this benefits us all!
A FIXED OR FIRM BELIEF. We know character is DOING WHAT IS RIGHT, NO MATTER THE COST. When the Holy Spirit shows us clearly what we need to do, CONVICTION is that still small voice leading us to actions of character. Conviction is a key component in DOING THE RIGHT THING.
A “bad guy” in the Spiderman comic book series. Uh …. no … wait a minute … Venom is a poison, ejected with the intention of harming or killing another. When we think about venomous creatures, certain snakes and spiders come to mind. But venom comes from PEOPLE, TOO. A venom with no chemical makeup, but just as poisonous and just as deadly.
OUR VENOM consists of slanderous words and actions, meant to harm our fellow man and woman. Our venom resides in rumors, gossip, and lies, spoken to bring others down. Venom is born in ungodly thoughts, selfish thoughts about others. At times, we inject venom into situations that frighten us or towards people by whom we feel threatened.
We don’t like to admit this, but ALL OF US, at times, have spewed venomous words that came from venomous thoughts we had about individuals or organizations. AND IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO GROW UP, EVALUATE OURSELVES, AND STOP.
In other words, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”
When we spew venom, we only reveal ourselves to be people of questionable character. And when those of us who claim Christ as Savior do it, we not only bring ourselves down, we do damage to the witness of His Kingdom.
What we are talking about here REALLY IS Conviction VS Venom …

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