The week as it shapes up

21 Apr

This week is shaping up to be a momentous week in Wike history … After SEVENTEEN weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation, Dad is COMING HOME.  Thursday at 3pm he is paroled from the Cottages at Brushy Creek and will re-enter the house he built with his bare hands over 35 years ago.

This IS an exciting thing.  Physically he is close to being ready.  Mentally, maybe not so much.  I believe there was more neurological damage than we realize (resulting from the subdurals).  But many people have said getting him home will help the mental side as well.  So I am hoping and praying …

On another positive note, next week I get to move KRISSY HOME!!  At least, for the summer!  She has worked hard this semester and so far is doing very well.  I am just praying for a strong finish!!

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