A Word to Churches …

21 Apr

No church is perfect.  No pastor loves their church more than I love Ebenezer, but even in that I know we are flawed.  And that starts with me.  I am not perfect, I make mistakes, sometimes I can’t see the forest because of all the trees ….

With all that said, I am a believer in evaluation.  And, believe this, there are MANY people at Ebenezer who evaluate my every move!!!  🙂  And my children … and my house … and my car … and my clothes … (Well, you get the picture)

And, churches, it is time we evaluate OURSELVES.  There are some frightening trends going on in many churches right now:

One trend is the “squeeze everything we can out of our employees mentality.”  Growing up in Greenville, SC, which was once known as the “Textile Center of the WORLD,” I am familiar with this management philosophy.  And I know where it ends:  Staff burnout.  And that is not only bad for your staff, it is bad for the church!

Another downward trend involves pastoral tenure.  The average tenures in all denominations are going down.  Why??  In some cases, ministers are too quick to jump ship.  When the honeymoon of a new ministry is over, some look for the next honeymoon or a bigger ship to jump onto.  In other cases, churches seem to be quick to jump the gun with calling minister, then in a few months deciding that minister needs to go.  And some churches do this YEARLY.  At some point, you need to wonder if it is all of these ministers, or the church??

What is the remedy for the pastoral tenure problem??  MINISTERS, if you are not in it for the long-haul, don’t get in it at all!!  CHURCHES … (insert previous sentence here)

ANOTHER frightening trend is complacency.  “I don’t know, and I don’t care.”  When we stop caring, we stop BEING the church God called us to be!!  Enough said!

Every church is different.  Each situation to which we are called is unique.  The best thing we can do to advance His kingdom is find what He wants us to do and do it!!  Maybe if I’d written that as the first sentence of this blog, you wouldn’t have had to read all of this!!!

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