The Domain Name

23 Apr

Choices … choices …

Why did I choose the domain name  Did you notice the R?  THAT will be the most common misspelling of this blog address!  But it is there out of necessity!

You see, I tried   TAKEN!  Apparently THAT David Wike is a photographer in the state of Washington.  His stuff looks good, but I bet the travel expenses would be MURDER, so I would use Bethany Robinson.  🙂

I also tried   TAKEN!  No one around here calls me Dave, but sometimes my sister and Diana’s sister does.  I could get used to it as a blog name.  BUT …. This site belongs to a very gifted guitarist, ironically, who now LIVES in Greenville, SC  (my hometown).  I met Dave’s dad once years ago when he sent an email to me intended for his son on AOL.  He was cool!  And Dave is now my Facebook friend!

So the R was inevitable … And, yes, isn’t it ironic that I have earned a doctor’s degree AND my initials are D.R. Wike, making me Dr. D.R. Wike.  drdrwike,com   Hmmm…. that has a ring …

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