Sleepless Nights

22 Apr

Last night’s Bible study was about worry.  Luke 12 shares those words from Jesus.  We are told not to worry about earthly things, even about our needs,but to focus on the kingdom of God and if we seek Him first, He will help us sort out all the rest.  And I must not be doing a good job of that!

For the third morning in a row, I’ve been wide awake WAYYY before my alarm went off.  Two mornings at 4:30, and I slept late yesterday (until 5:30).  And I don’t know why …

Actually, I can guess it has something to do with Dad coming home from rehab today and my belief that he is not quite ready.  I’ve asked Mom to come down here for a little while, but she will have none of that … And I guess I understand why.   But she can’t keep going like this …  And neither can we.  My car now knows the way to Easley so well all I have to do is crank it, tell it to go, and sleep for three hours:  It does the rest!!!  🙂

And I KNOW I need to stop worrying and trust all of this to God.  That is all that’s pulled us through so far!!

3 Responses to “Sleepless Nights”

  1. Deena Shelley April 22, 2010 at 5:50 am #

    The hardest part is giving it to God. We are always trying to “fix” it ourselves. He is in control and of all people, I know that you know that. Praying for you in these hard times.

  2. Amy Lauren April 22, 2010 at 8:00 am #

    I need to stop worrying so much myself; you’re totally right- it will keep you up at night. I’m glad your dad is finally coming home, I don’t really know you but I have been keeping up with him on your tweets and blog, and I know your family will be glad to have him home.

  3. T April 22, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

    Hey Pastor David… You are right… leaving it to God is the ONLY answer. When I have trouble with that, I visualize wrapping the problem up with paper and string, and physically handing it over to God. Then I pray to God and ask him to help me NOT take it back… Easier said than done…but definitely worth the effort.

    I’m glad you are here at wordpress… I subscribe to another blog on this site and it is very easy to use. It will be much easier to keep up with you here.

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