A Great Day in many ways

3 May

Yesterday was a great day with a rough start.  At early worship, I was REALLY feeling the fact that we finished unloading the car around 11:30 pm on Saturday night.  And I am sure anyone who knows me could tell it was tough!!  But after my second cup of coffee, all was good!

Church council made more progress on the policy manual.  We, the staff, DESPERATELY need the policy manual to help us.  The more we grow as a church, the harder it can be to juggle everything we have to juggle on the calendar …

Last night, we baptized 16 people.  I don’t remember ever baptizing that many at one time.  It was a good balance of ages, too.  Several children, several youth, and several adults.

Deacons meeting afterward was productive, too.  A good discussion of deacon of the week duties, and taking responsibility for one’s own duties.  AND IT WAS DEACON LED (in other words, it wasn’t one of the staff members leading that discussion).

Then I walked into my house at 9:30pm looking like a zombie …

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