Fifteen Years Ago Today

5 May

Do YOU know where YOU were 15 years ago today??  I DO.  I was checking my very pregnant wife into one of the finest hospitals in the south … the Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans.  It was two weeks before my seminary graduation, and Diana had scheduled (YES, SCHEDULED) her c-section for that day.  (She literally told the doctor that it WOULD be done that day … He said, “OK.”)

Just a few hours later, I held my son for the first time.  I can truly say it was one of the two most awesome days of my life, with the other being the day Krissy was born.  New Orleans will never forget that week, either, but for different reasons:  An unexpected rain storm dumped TONS of rain on the city and flooded a large percentage of it.

Two weeks later, I graduated with one class left to finish.  My professors all knew about our newborn Drew and I think they all took pity on my that quarter.  I was getting very little sleep but was still able to pull a 4.0.  On June 1, a bunch of people from our church came over and helped me load a big UHaul. We spent the evening of June 1 in the seminary hotel, and on June 2 I took the final exam for that last class (it was a week-long workshop), got into that UHaul, and drove my wife and my new son to Florence, SC.  (Krissy had returned to Easley with my parents after graduation)

So, today I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son, Drew Wike!  And wish him many, many more!!!

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