Now I KNOW I’m getting old …

12 May

I KNOW I’m getting old because I am ecstatic right now!!  I SLEPT ALL NIGHT!  IN MY OWN BED!!

Bring out the guys with the white coats.

I am very disappointed that my doctor made no more of an effort to diagnose or treat my mysterious foot problem.  I pretty much told him what I’d been doing and had to ask when I could work out again, and then I had to drag the answers out of him.  It was really strange …

BUT … Last night, as if I felt something literally “let go” of my foot, it suddenly loosened up.  And I stood up.  And it felt about 75% better.  I took my Motrin and went to bed and it never throbbed, and for the first time in a LOOOONG time, I slept all night.  With no pain.  My foot is still a little swollen, but I can definitely go without crutches today.  I have to go back for a checkup tomorrow anyway, so the doctor plans to check my foot out again then.

But the fact that I’m celebrating sleep, and sleeping in my bed, is a sure sign that I am getting old.  Well, it means I am at least over 40!!

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