Guess I’m just gettin old …

10 May

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  One of the awesome traditions at Ebenezer is that we do not have ANY evening activities on Mother’s Day, in hopes that people will spend time with their families.  (Of course, when your family is THREE hours away, it doesn’t work out so well for you)

We had a great day ahead of us yesterday when I noticed a little soreness in my left foot.  Just below the ankle.  No big deal, just a little sore.  Then “just a little sore” turned into THROBBING BEYOND BELIEF.  When I went to bed last night, it seemed okay.  But with every minute, the throb level increased TENFOLD.  So I spent last night on my recliner.  No sleep.  A couple of times of really intense pain.  I assured myself I would not pass go, but would go DIRECTLY to the doctor Monday morning.  And for all the good it did, that is exactly what I did.

I miss Dr. Dancy.  Sometimes I think I am one of the few in Florence that does, but I REALLY missed him today.  No offense intended.  But I had to bring a new doctor up to speed on my whitecoat hypertension, and he was more obsessed with that than with my throbbing foot.  Bottom line:  Xrays looked negative, so we have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY FOOT.  It does seem to be getting better but I am still on crutches tonight.  And I have to go back for my scheduled six-month checkup on Thursday … Apparently spending two and  a half hours there today could not replace the recheck this week.  (CHA CHING, CHA CHING)

So WHY DID MY FOOT FREAK OUT??  No one seems to know.  I guess I’m just getting old …

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