Racing 4 Taylor

15 May

In a few minutes, we will trek up to West Florence High School for Drew to run in a 5k.  A very special race, in memory of a special kid.  Taylor Elmore was one of Drew’s cross country teammates that lost his life in a tragic auto accident at the beginning of August, 2009.

I love the Elmores.  Would not consider them close, personal friends, but their character has shown through in several ways.  My favorite memory goes back two summers ago, when Drew was a rising 8th grader at Sneed and Belinda (Taylor’s mom) was coaching the Sneed kids, AS A VOLUNTEER, through a summer workout to get them ready to run CC at West Florence that year.  Both of the Elmore boys (Taylor and Brian) were already at West Florence, but all THREE of them ran with the Sneed kids, taught them, challenged them, and readied them.  FOR NO PAY.  Just for the love of running.  I will always love them for that.

When Taylor died, my heart broke for them.  As well as MANY, MANY folks whose lives they have touched.  And I am more than glad to get up early this morning, cook breakfast for my family, and go out to the festivities.  Proceeds from this race will go to help special needs kids in FSD1, purchasing recreation equipment for them.

And even better – the team Taylor helped, the team he was a part of will put on their cross country uniforms one more time this school year and run for their fallen brother.  And there is something really cool about that!!

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