What will YOU do with Him?

16 May

I often end sermons with that thought.  Even that exact quote.  And I wonder what it really means to those who hear?

At the 8:30 service this morning, I felt like a salmon trying to swim upstream.  In front of a room full of deer caught in my little salmon headlights.  And I hate it when that happens.  Sometimes I wonder if I am doing justice to the message God puts on my heart.  I wish I could study about TWICE as much as I get to now, but if I do that, other things go lacking.  And people get upset.  And they start hounding me about things on their agendas.  And, being a middle child, more often than not I cave.  And then I almost drown myself trying to get ready for the next big thing.  And that is the weekly cycle of my life.

Back to the point:  I think we are all guilty, at times, of forgetting what this is all about.  We get so caught up in what we think OUGHT to happen that we forget it is all about HIM.  And we get so busy in the minutia of “church work” that we forget to ask the question, “What will I do with Him?”

After all, He is why we are REALLY here … Right??

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