On the rollercoaster again

20 May

Yes, I can hear the clicking of the chain, pulling the rollercoaster car up another hill.   And, if you’ve read me before,  I HATE ROLLERCOASTERS.  But I have moved into a few days where I will meet myself coming and going at least a couple of times.

Went to the funeral home last night.  It was good to see my aunt and my cousins doing well.  Uncle Roger was in a great deal of pain for the last couple of weeks, so there was an element of blessing in his death.   Of course, that doesn’t make things much easier, but it helps a little.  Of course I will return today for the funeral.  It will be two trips within 24 hours …

I also need to make a quick trip up to Greenville to check on Dad.  Then a full day on Sunday with Baccalaureate and an ordination council / service on Sunday afternoon / evening.

WHEW!!  The next few days will be hectic!!  But there are some good things in there, so I am thankful.

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