A Personal Prayer

19 May

For the good of Ebenezer Baptist Church, and ANY CHURCH of a reader of this blog, I pray that each of us will seek God’s will for us WITHIN HIS CHURCH and SERVE THERE.  For too many years, churches find warm bodies and plug them into vacant spaces on their service rosters.  AND IT NEVER WORKS.

I am a firm believer in finding the RIGHT PERSON for the RIGHT JOB.  Partly because I know it is biblical, as Paul often wrote about the Body of Christ being made up of different people with different gifts, and those gifts work in concert to COMPLETE the local church.  ALSO, I believe this because I have seen the results of plugging the WRONG people into important roles in the church.  I’ve seen the dysfunction on committees and ministry teams when those who really don’t know what they are doing are plugged in to vital places.  I’ve seen how the church suffers when that happens.

And it all boils down to trying to cram a square peg into a round hole.  It NEVER WORKS.  Ebenezer is now in the season of finding the right people for the right roles within our Ministry Selection Team and our Nominating Team, which fill roles for ministry teams and teaching positions within the church.  I pray these teams will make the right choices, not because of agendas or not out of laziness, but that they will make truly God-led decisions about places of service.

I pray for this because I know what an awesome difference there is between doing it God’s way and doing it our way.

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