A Significant Day

24 May

Yesterday was a significant day at Ebenezer.  And a marathon day.  In our 11am worship, we recognized 11 high school graduates in our annual baccalaureate service.  Every year this one gets a little more sweet for me!!  I remember these kids when they were in KINDERGARTEN!!!  I also preached from my iPad for the FIRST TIME!  It was nice to NOT have to mess with papers on the pulpit (but it would also be nice if I memorized!)

At 4pm, we convened an ordination council for the purpose of ordaining Buddy Rainwater to the ministry.  Buddy starts June 1st as the first full-time chaplain to the Florence County Sheriff’s Office, as well as to the county jail at Effingham.  It was good to have Daniel Inabinet, W.L. Collins, and Bill Curtis joining us in the examination.

One of those funny things about a Southern Baptist ordination, we ordain as a local church, but it is frowned-upon to do it without other pastors from other churches assisting.  That is actually a good move of polity within the association and convention, to hold churches accountable.  Regardless, it was good to have those guys in there!

At 6pm, we proceeded with the ordination service.  Lots of family and friends were there to participate.  Buddy shared a powerful testimony at both the council and in the service … Knowing him for 15 years, it is easy to see how God has been preparing him for this moment!

So, it was a significant day at Ebenezer!!  Hope your day of worship was just as good!!

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