Where has David been??

29 May

Ok, I am ready to fess up. One or two of you have noticed that I have barely posted a Twitter update this week, and this is my FIRST blog entry of the week. As my week draws to a close, I guess I can now admit that I am on vacation!!

The first couple of days of this week were no vacation, even though I am not in Florence. Situations kept popping up that kept me on my cell phone for HOURS. I can’t wait to see my bill!! However, I’ve now been in the sand and sun enough to sport a sunburn. On my walk a couple of days ago I ran into some friends from Greenville that I probably haven’t seen in 19 years. Yes, this has been another interesting week.

I will confess I’ve checked my email frequently this week. Sometimes I wonder if I should completely turn my cell off for the week and just check email. That might be a plan for next time!!

One Response to “Where has David been??”

  1. bmb May 30, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    sorry you have to sneak away but glad you got to do it. been missing my EBC friends alot myself these days with my own roller coaster. hope you come back rested, relaxed and bronzed instead of burned. xoxoxoto all, bmb

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