Wow … this is crazy …

2 Jun

So much has happened since Monday evening.  In a nutshell, we got everything back up on a small scale yesterday.  Drew has learned to change network cards and configure VoiP phones.  That was helpful today!!  At one point yesterday, Drew was changing cards, Robbie was chasing a higher-order network issue, Dean was strategizing on how we handle the insurance stuff, and I was dealing with an EBC family death.

In other words, thanks to these guys, I am able to do MY JOB!!!  The real one!

Today we received a shipment of hardware, and by the time Drew and I left for lunch every phone on campus was working and every PC.  I am trying to study this afternoon but got a call about one PC having a problem.  But, all in all, things are stabilizing.

Now if I can just get through a funeral tomorrow, a wedding this weekend, and get my sermon STARTED, I will be in good shape!!

One Response to “Wow … this is crazy …”

  1. Dustin F June 2, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    Good to hear you got everything back up!! I told Dean I had 3 Linksys phones ya’ll could use if needed.

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