Hitting the wall

3 Jun

Drew and I have hit the wall.  He has gone to work with me every morning at 8am, repaired several computers, chased wiring problems, and helped me debug stuff.  We’ve configured some of the replacement equipment, labeled most of the lines coming into the main switch (something that needed to be done YEARS AGO) and we both are dead dawg tired.

In the mean time, I tried to write and do a funeral and am still working on my sermon.  (I’ve usually finished it by Wednesday afternoon … I am NO WHERE NEAR FINISHED)

And we have both hit the wall.  Stressed out and kind of sick of it.  We need a break!!  And the thought that my main vacation for the summer was last week just drags me DEEPER INTO THE FUNK.

I think we will hitchhike to Hawaii.  I’ve got some buddies from school over there who “need to see me!”  LOOKOUT, BRYSON AND GREG!

One Response to “Hitting the wall”

  1. jess June 6, 2010 at 10:20 pm #

    We’re going to Hawaii next month for the Servpro convention, We’ll take stowaways if you’re willing to babysit!

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