The Latest on Dad

8 Jun

What could be the cherry on top of a weekend like I had?? A phone call.  Mom called yesterday morning to let me know she and Dad were en route to the hospital.  Dad was very listless and something was going on.

IRONICALLY … That morning I’d heard a brake noise on my car.  I’ve only had this car for about six weeks, so I had no idea when the brakes were last checked.  But this was the first time I’d heard this noise and I knew what it meant.

Drew and I bolted from the office (yes, Drew was there yesterday doing MORE IT stuff helping Robbie).  We ran by AdvanceAuto to get some brake pads and came home.  This car has disc brakes on all four wheels, so it wouldn’t be too difficult, and since I couldn’t get an emergency work in with my mechanic, we would have to do it.

So Drew got a lesson in doing a brake job.  And we HAD TO.  And when we pulled the pads that were noisy, we found it to be almost obliterated so I was glad we did!  As we finished, I called Mom and we decided to wait for a diagnosis before we hit the road.  I was suspicious that it was a urinary tract infection, which would not be near a serious as another subdural hematoma.

Long story short, after a series of tests they decided it WAS a UTI.  The doc offered to treat him and send him home, but Mom asked that they keep him in for a day or two while they give him the antibiotic.

So Dad is in Greenville Memorial right now.  But the diagnosis was the best possible result!  Please pray for him and my Mom!

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