Again, the hospital becomes quicksand

10 Jun

Dad is in Memorial again.  A one or two-day stay has become “we’ve evaluated him and think you need to put him in a rehab facility for a little while.”  Honestly, the doctor is only recommending a couple of weeks.  But as quicksand goes, that could quickly become three months again.

We certainly will do whatever is best for Dad, and if that was all the news, it wouldn’t be so bad.  The doctor also recognizes and talked to Mom and me about the fact that she cannot possibly go on taking care of him by herself.  We’ve already reached the place where she needs help (which I’ve been begging her to do for a couple of months) and this will help convince her of that.  But there will most probably be a day when we will not be able to care for Dad at home.

This is part of the circle of life, albeit a very difficult one.  Thanks for all of the prayers!

One Response to “Again, the hospital becomes quicksand”

  1. Kelly June 10, 2010 at 10:02 am #

    Dave, I am praying for you guys. It is so hard when our parents get older. We will celebrate my dad’s 84th birthday this weekend, and the hardest part is knowing that, unless a huge miracle occurs, it will be his last. He is living on “borrowed time,” as the saying goes. My mom is near exhaustion herself, but won’t accept more help at this point.

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