For the duration …

3 Sep

What is your level of commitment?????

One of the trends I’ve noticed in the past decade is a hesitancy to commit.  In MANY, MANY areas of life.  I first noticed this in some of the regular activities of our church that require people to sign-up.  To put their name on the dotted line.  Fifteen years ago, if you asked folks to do this, they would do it and live up to it.  There was this commitment to our word … “If I put my name on the line, you can count on me!”

But times have changed.  Not only at church, but throughout our community there seems to be a trend of not wanting to sign-up or commit until the last minute.  We are ALWAYS waiting on a better deal, wanting to keep our options open!!  Makes things tough on those who need attendance numbers to plan events, but that is the way it is in Florence, SC, in the year 2010!!

And, yes, this bleeds over into church commitment.  Some take the cafeteria style approach, especially in areas like youth ministry.  There is ALWAYS something going on in a youth ministry somewhere in Florence.  That is a good thing!!  And I am glad so many churches have healthy church ministries!!  But sometimes I think people forget about making a commitment to a local church body and living up to it!!  (And they forget to teach their children commitment, too!)

And then there are the church hoppers.  You know, those who NEVER stay at a single church for too long.  You know them, as do I.  Many years ago I had a meeting with a person who attended another church.  That person proceeded to tell me how horrible the youth pastor at his current church was.  It was an enlightening moment for me:  As I sat listening to him bash a colleague, I realized he would say the same words about me someday.  And he did.  And he left the church for another.  And another.  And another.

Let’s cut to the chase here:  I wish everyone in Florence could find a church in which to plug in.  And when they do, they need to COMMIT and PLUG IN.  End of story.  No riding the fence.  Find the place where you belong and BE THERE and BE A PART OF WHAT GOD IS DOING THERE.

For the duration.

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