Remaining Relevant

7 Sep

Read a blog post from pastor yesterday.  Made me really think about many things.  Seems he was the pastor of a church that died.  At one time, this church was prominent and vibrant.  And relevant.  And they died.

How does a relevant church die??  They die when they become so inwardly focused on themselves that they cannot hear the cries of a world, dying and desperately needing Christ.  Right outside their doors.  It’s almost as if God leaves them to the results of their pride.  They literally die staring in the mirror at themselves.  They forget to digest His word.  They forget to exercise His work.  And they die.

And, with God as my witness, I DO NOT EVER WANT ANYONE TO WRITE THIS ABOUT EBENEZER BAPTIST CHURCH.  And I will do my part to try and make sure this never happens.  I just hope everyone else is up to it.

It’s time we, the BODY OF CHRIST, stood up and followed HIM!!!  And I mean ALL OF US!

One Response to “Remaining Relevant”

  1. Linda B September 7, 2010 at 9:25 pm #

    Sad to say that I know a church that did just that, sat quietly on its foundation and died. I still miss the church that was.

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