4 Oct

We all make them … Everyday.  And we are EACH RESPONSIBLE for our own choices.

Sometimes I really get tired of folks who don’t want to take responsibility for their choices.  They blame everyone else all over the world for their mistakes and bad moves.  Even parents believe their children could never go wrong … WOW!  There must be something in the water!!!  I don’t know about you, but I do know my children are as imperfect as I am.  (GASP!!!  NEITHER THE PASTOR NOR HIS CHILDREN ARE PERFECT?????)

Truth is, we will ALL stand before God one day and each of us will be judged.  EVERY ONE OF US will be held accountable for the things we’ve said and done on this earth.  That, my friends, is where our choices will come back to roost.

Why not seek God and ask HIM for help with our choices everyday??

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