Finding the Sweet Spot

5 Oct

There is NO FEELING like hitting a ball with the sweet spot of the bat.  It just seems to jump right off the bat, fly farther, and you barely even feel it!!  IT’S AWESOME!!

What if we lived our lives for Christ the same way?  What if we sought to find the sweet spot in our giftset and USE THEM for Him??  THE SAME FEELING OCCURS!!!  AND IT IS GREAT!!!

That is one of our goals in deacon ministry this year … finding the sweet spot in our gift set AND USING IT!!  Finding the areas where God gifted us and using them to the fullest!!  What if the entire church decided to serve that way??

It takes discipline … it takes LISTENING to the Holy Spirit … it takes FOLLOWING THROUGH … FINISHING … RUNNING THE RACE WELL.  You know, all of the things Paul wrote about often.  Paul believed in the sweet spot …  He found his and look what God did with him!!!

Focus on the positive today and find your sweet spot!!

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