Reflections from a day off …

8 Oct

Things have been BUSY and ROUGH lately.  That happens to any pastor, so I know I’m not alone.  Tomorrow will be my first Saturday without something specific to do since the weekend after Labor Day.  When times get this busy, I feel very much like I’m being ground down to dust.  To top it all off, this was a particularly dicey week that I will probably NEVER blog about (but it will definitely make the book).  After some reflection today, I’ve come to realize a few things …

1.  Sometimes when you stick your neck out for people who need help, you get burned.  Sometimes even by people you love.

2.  Getting burned feels bad and makes you consider never sticking your neck out like that again.

3.  God never guaranteed that I wouldn’t get burned, and in fact as the Great Physician, there is no burn invented that He cannot heal.

4.  I WILL stick my neck out again.

5.  I might get burned again.

6.  God is in control.

7.  It’s amazing how just a little time to step away from things helps to reset perspective.

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