The Blame Game

8 Oct

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but it continues to be a problem in this world … one with which I get to deal on a regular basis.  The BLAME GAME.  You know how it is played … NOTHING IS EVER MY FAULT.  By extension, I must be perfect, because I never make a mistake.  EVERYTHING that seems to be my fault is actually someone else’s fault.  I (or my child) could NEVER do anything wrong.

I’d never experienced it quite like I have in the 15 years we’ve been in Florence, but I don’t think it’s a Florence-thing.  Its more a sign of the times.  Sadly, it’s grown into a worldwide epidemic.  Yesterday’s youth have become today’s adults who NEVER DO ANYTHING WRONG, and EVERYTHING that happens to them must be someone else’s fault.  I could state some examples, but all of you probably know someone who is there.

The only way to stop this epidemic is to MAKE OUR CHILDREN TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their own shortcomings.  Here is the thing:  EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES.  I do.  You do.  Our children do.  Why not allow them to face that reality and deal with it, rather than running interference for them until they are in their 30s and 40s and still living that way, and still running to mom and dad with stories about how EVERYTHING that happens to them is someone else’s fault??

God calls us to prepare them for life.  How do you think He wants us to handle the Blame Game?

One Response to “The Blame Game”

  1. Linda B October 8, 2010 at 10:16 am #

    David you are so right! Not only is the notion or being responsible harshly neglected today the word RESPECT means nothing. And the thing that is so sad for me is that people no longer seem to respect themselves. If they don’t start there first they will not be able to show respect or responsibility toward others. Keep wirting Pastor.
    Linda B

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