Caution: Objects are just what they appear to be

13 Oct

Yeah, unusual title.  I know.  Tonight I heard a rumor.  About me.  About trouble.  My blog was mentioned.

I hope that any reader of my blog would not read too much into what I write.  YES, I DO write about me.  My thoughts.  How I feel about things.  Sometimes I reflect on things.  Sometimes I learn lessons.  Sometimes I just make mistakes.

AND THAT IS OKAY.  (Looks into mirror a la Stuart Smiley).  AND PEOPLE LIKE ME.

Please don’t read anything into my blog that is not there.  I promise my mental health is relatively stable.  And I am not paranoid.  And nothing more than the usual challenges that face any pastor are staring me down right now.


Sometimes objects in the mirror are EXACTLY what they appear to be.  And nothing more!

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