Pastor Appreciation

18 Oct

This weekend we made a quick run to the Upstate.  Spent some time with Dad and with Krissy.  It was a good trip but a hard one … But imagine my surprise when we pulled back into our yard at 9:30 Saturday night and found that a gang of rabid yard elves had come, CUT MY GRASS, WEEDED THE FLOWER BED, EDGED, and made my yard look REALLY GOOD!!!!

I found out it was the EBC College Class.  They wanted to do this for Pastor Appreciation Month.  It is definitely the most unique act of Pastor Appreciation I’ve ever received, and they did a REALLY GOOD JOB!!  And it humbles me to know their gift was given by sweat and hard work!  I’m not sure who all was over here, but I’ve heard rumors:  Allison Triplett, Hunter Gregg, Matthew McCabe, David Daniel, Stephanie McCabe, and of course, Phillip the Frog.  I might’ve left someone out, and if so, LET ME KNOW SO I CAN ADD NAMES!!!

That one was really thoughtful and the timing was JUST RIGHT!!  THANKS COLLEGE CRASH!!!!

One Response to “Pastor Appreciation”

  1. Linda B October 18, 2010 at 8:25 am #

    Yes mowing elves are the best. Don and I have been blessed by some of the fellows in his Sunday School Class all this summer. Could not have done without them. Thanks EBC for developing such Christian Spirit filled members.

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