My Boss

27 Oct

Being the pastor of a Southern Baptist church is no piece of cake … And, being a MIDDLE CHILD while serving in that role only COMPLICATES things!  I work in what is statistically one of the most unstable professions in America.  Statistics report the average tenure of a Southern Baptist minister to be somewhere in the area of 18 MONTHS.  And that is NOT because there is a bishop or higher power reassigning them:  They just get fired!!

However … I ultimately answer to a Boss that is a little higher up the ladder than the 1,300 members of Ebenezer Baptist Church.  I answer to GOD ALMIGHTY, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Sustainer of all that exists.  HE is in control.  HE beckons for His people to STOP FEARING the future and JUST OBEY HIM.  HE has a plan for each of our lives that is so much greater than anything I could conceive, a PERFECT PLAN for MY LIFE and for yours!!

Actually, if Jesus Christ is your Savior, He is YOUR BOSS TOO!!  If we will ALL slow down enough to listen to Him and then OBEY Him life will IMMEDIATELY become much less stressful and more rewarding.

So, come on … Listen to THE BOSS!!!  HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING!!

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