ANOTHER Fall Festival

28 Oct

It’s 2010.  Ebenezer has yet ANOTHER Fall Festival under her belt.  No big deal, right???

When I think about what it takes to make a fall festival happen, there are so many people to thank that I wouldn’t DARE do it on here.  Our Family Enrichment team takes the lead on this, but there are so many groups involved that it boggles the mind!  Sunday School classes and ministries come together to staff the different games and events!  The church staff works hard to fill in the gaps and glue it all together!  Hundreds of church members donate candy for the entire event and specific baked goodies for the general store AND for some of the indoor events.

All things considered, the Fall Festival at Ebenezer is a snap shot of the church working together to make something really big WORK!!  And, orchestrating the entire thing …. GOD!!  And we thank Him for every good thing that will come out of this night of hard work … the largest one-night outreach event we do!

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