The Blind Side

29 Oct

Walking on the Rail Trail is therapy for me … There are surreal moments (like when “You can still rock in America” by Night Ranger comes on and I am walking on an old railroad bed???  Get it??  Think about the video) and there are times when I can just think.  This can be good or bad, depending on my current state of mind.

And, I’ll be honest:  The last two weeks have been very difficult.  I’ve faced things I never thought I’d face.  And I started thinking about the Blind Side.

Not the movie, the concept:  Every quarterback has a blind side.  When he squares to throw the ball, his unprotected back WILL BE EXPOSED for a period of time.  And in life, WE ALL ARE IN THOSE SPOTS AT TIMES.  This is not a pity-party:  I have some of the best friends in the world who I KNOW HAVE MY BACK.  But there are times when circumstances change and you can feel the blind side exposed.  And those times are NOT FUN.

Like I just wrote, I KNOW I have friends who’ve got my back … and I have theirs.  But there are times when all of us are exposed.  There are times when people let  you down.  And you can fret, and you can be disappointed, and you can be angry.  And, honestly, those responses just complicate your situation.

Have you ever stopped to realize that people are FALLIBLE, JUST HUMAN.  They make mistakes and they are imperfect.  THAT IS LIFE.  But if you ever stop long enough to pray about all of this, God might just let you in on a little secret.  He might ask you “why are you depending on PEOPLE to protect your blind side when that is MY JOB??”  (My being said by GOD ALMIGHTY)

If you stop long enough to think and pray about all of this, God DOES have your blind side.  And He will NEVER FAIL YOU.

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