Praying for this new day!!!

8 Nov

Ebenezer, I am praying for you on this new day!!  And hoping to hear from MANY OF YOU in the next few days about your intent to move forward with God and His plan for your life (and His plan for Ebenezer)!!

This morning I am still thinking about the fact that if we will work hard on our spiritual health, God will take care of everything else.  He told us in Matthew if we would seek Him first and His righteousness, everything else would be added!!  I completely believe He means it!!!

However, we did not get here overnight.  And we will not get it fixed overnight.  So as we seek INSTANT GRATIFICATION on this, we need to remember God will handle it in His timing!!

So I sit here in my den praying for you and our church on this new day!!  I hope you will join me in praying for it, too!

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