Something IMPORTANT happened Sunday

9 Nov

I am still praying for you, church … This past Sunday God brought a challenge to ALL OF US to step out and BE THE CHURCH.  To STOP PLAYING THE CHURCH GAME and GET IN THE GAME!!!!

At the end of this, the challenge issued to the congregation was to consider if YOU want to be part of what God is doing at Ebenezer and contact me!!   WRITE IT DOWN and hand it to me, email me, let me know if your intention is to move forward, as a church, and pursue God’s will and direction.  Pursue HIS VISION for us!!

So far, 40 people have responded.  And I am still praying!!  How about you??

One Response to “Something IMPORTANT happened Sunday”

  1. Fran Jones November 9, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    Pastor, thank you for challenging the church family this past Sunday. God has been speaking to my heart. I have already committed to working with the children at Royall Elementary in the Good News Club on Monday’s and also to go to the prison at Effingham with Cecila Hulon to talk to the lady prisoners. Since Larry and I still work, I don’t want to stress out too much. Larry and I were a part of that 20/80 group at our former church in Dillon and you can get “burned out”. We are going to try and let God do the driving and we will join Him. Please pray for us.

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