Spiritual Health

16 Nov

Many times over the past couple of weeks I’ve blogged, tweeted, preached, and taught about SPIRITUAL HEALTH.  God put this topic on my heart because it’s an issue at Ebenezer.  A correctable problem.

There are two facts I am sure of:

1.  The Spiritual Health of Ebenezer Baptist Church is DIRECTLY RELATED to the spiritual health of her members.  Because, after all, WE ARE THE CHURCH.  And I know there are some out there who have VERY HEALTHY spiritual lives.  And some who do not.

2.  If we work to be more SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY, God WILL address the other problems we face.  Like finances.  Like finding workers to help with ministries.  Like huge decisions that lay before us.

So, I am praying for the spiritual health of Ebenezer.  Will you join me??

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