Clearing things up

10 Nov

After speaking with a few folks about Sunday’s challenge, there are a few things I want to remind EBC as you consider this:

1.  DON’T BE AFRAID!!  This is not some sneaky way to get you to join a pyramid scheme!!  I’m not going to email you and tell you that you are now changing diapers in the nursery for the next three weeks!!!  This is about what God is calling YOU to do, not what I think you ought to do!!!

2.  This is NOT about ME, and it’s NOT about YOU.  It’s about God and what He wants to do with Ebenezer!!  We need to all be praying and asking for that EVERY DAY.

3.  The reason I asked you on Sunday to write it down and get it to me is that NO ONE is assumed on this one.  I hand-wrote a note and put it in the stack that I want to pursue God’s will for ME at Ebenezer.  Don’t assume that you are on this list … you will only get there with a conscious effort to be put on there!!  (Some have called, some have emailed, some have Tweeted, some told me on Facebook.  ALL of those are on the list!!  But you HAVE TO TELL ME!!)

As of this writing, we are up to about 60 folks who want to be a part of this viral movement.  A movement for us to put our HANDS AND FEET to work to build the Kingdom of God!!  Are you praying about joining us??  Let me know!!!

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