I think my mom is really Wonder Woman

13 Dec

Several months ago I made a promise. A promise I kept this weekend. My niece graduated from Abilene Christian University on Friday night and my mom wanted to attend. So, she and my little sis (affectionately known as “Wheeze”) flew down to Dallas and attended together. My family spent Friday and Saturday in Easley watching Dad.

To quote Chuck Kelley’s favorite Hebrew expression, “WOW!”. Another word would be INTENSE. There were great moments and really tough ones. My dad is very dependent on my mom, and not just for care. There is something about their emotional bond that is really good. And strong. That is wonderful, but it also complicates some of the necessary actions and decisions. But we will make it through!!!

Today I have a much deeper appreciation for my mom, for EBC peeps like Linda Belcher, Martha Ham, Walter Miller, and many others. And I always suspected that my mom was Wonder Woman … Now I KNOW it’s true!

One Response to “I think my mom is really Wonder Woman”

  1. Linda B December 13, 2010 at 10:45 am #

    Thank you David for that wonderful thought. Most days I am too tired to be half a woman, much less a Wonder Woman.

    McCoy Nursing Care Center in Bishopville has a room for my Don; this is where BettyMoore Bell has patients so she will continue to be his nurse that he loves so much. Will let you know more later. Linda B

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