14 Dec

Okay, so I missed my 1000 post.  I posted it, but it had nothing to do with the occasion of 1000 posts on this blog.  So, in honor of my 1007 posts, I am going to list 1,007 things that ANNOY ME!!!!  Here goes (in no certain order):


1.  Unicorns

2.  People who don’t know how to drive a car and end up in front of me.

3.  Dogs barking after midnight.

4.  Denzel Crocker

5.  People who cause pain to my family, my staff, and my church (especially those who are supposedly PART of the family)

6.  Three Stooges films without Curly

7.  The Road Runner (yes … I am a Wile E. Coyote FAN!!)

8.  That lady at the Y … you know the one …

9.  Splinters

10.  Brussel Sprouts

(Ok … that’s ten.  I’m tired.  Maybe I’ll add more later)

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