The following is a repost from Ron Jackson and Parson’s Pantry:

2 Jan

Happy New Year and I pray 2011 will be great for you in the the service and ministry of our Lord!!! The Lord blessed

the ministry of Parson’s Pantry in a wonderful way in 2010. The Lord provided the resources to help 123 needy pastors,

retired pastors, widows of pastors and married ministerial students with $62,800 dollars this past year. We were able to

reach our goal of $200,010 in the year 2010. We had prayed that the Lord would allow us to reach this amount given

to help needy families since we started the ministry. At the end of 2009 we had granted $139,550 dollars and at the end

of 2010 we have been able to give $202,350 dollars to 426 needy families. Praise the name of our Lord! He is doing the

work and it is all about Him!

Please be in prayer for the ministry of Parson’s Pantry. The needs are great and more could be done with the

support of God’s people. We are so grateful for the churches who have Parson’s Pantry in their budgets and indivduals

who give on a regular basis. We thank the Lord for more than 20 Parson’s Pantry Partners who pray for the ministry

and make a monthly gift. We are asking the Lord to raise up more Parson’s Pantry Partners this year.

A widow of a pastor in SC said,”I continue to be amazed at how our Lord works! The timing for receiving the gift was unbelievable. Thank you for being our loving Lord’s instrument to meet my needs.”

A student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary said, ” Thank you so much for your financial assistance.

These have been difficult days financially with family and school expenses. God has used you to demonstrate His

Faithfulness to us again. Thank you for all you do to help fellow ministers.”

A retired Pastor in SC said, ” What a blessing you have been to me and my wife as I try to daily climb a mountain of serious health problems.Know you have made my life brighter with the generous gift. I am thankful for the ministry of

Parson’s Pantry and all you do to help the Lord’s servants!”

One hundred per cent of all tax deductable gifts goes to help needy families. We are praying the Lord will provide the resources this year to go over $300,000 dollars – $300,011 in 2011! Gifts are sent to Parson’s Pantry PO Box 777, Gaffney,SC 29342. We can be contacted by calling 864-489-6709 or cell 864-490-0596, Ron Jackson.

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