Snow Day 2011

10 Jan

I hope I don’t have to revise that title to ICE DAY or DAY OF RECKONING.  So far, this snow day hasn’t been too bad.  I’d like to thank Al Gore for this snow, for global warming, and for inventing the internet ….  (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Seriously, sometimes I think God invented snow days to force us to slow down with nowhere to go and nothing to do but SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY.  Drew and I have already gone out, thrown a snowball or two, cleared the front walk and the step, and drove around our neighborhood.

Talked to Mom and Dad already this morning.  They are doing okay too.  Mom predicts they got about 8 or 9 inches, judging by where the snow comes to on the van wheels.  Snow used to be a big event for Dad.  He would get up and drive up and down our road multiple times to cut grooves so the rest of our cars could get out!!  (Remember, I grew up in PICKENS County).  That is probably why I always feel compelled to drive around Chadwick.  They are warm and safe and stocked with plenty of milk and bread.

Krissy sent us a picture of the courtyard at her apartment at 2am (GEE, THANKS!).  Then she called when the shoveling of the sidewalks woke her up around 8am.  Of course, she is asleep right now and I am not.  Cost of being a dad.

Hope your snow day is great today and it doesn’t cost you too much down the road!!!

One Response to “Snow Day 2011”

  1. Linda B January 10, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    So glad your mom and dad are doing OK. You and your family enjoy this snow day. Pastors need them too. Will pray all EBC will stay healthy and free of worries this your day of rest.

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