The Passive-Aggressive Shuffle

21 Jan

Not as flamboyant as the SuperBowl Shuffle (performed by the ’85 Chicago Bears), the Passive-Aggressive Shuffle is a dance often-performed at volunteer organizations worldwide.  VERY OFTEN this dance can be seen at churches, especially those which are volunteer-led.  And I see it all the time!!

I’m no Simon Cowell, but … wait a minute … I’m really dipping low with that comparison.  Okay, I’m not a professional talent judge, but I can tell you the PA Shuffle is NEVER a good thing.  I’ve never seen it work well and I’ve never seen it build the kingdom of God or build others up.  It results in quite the opposite.

The passive-aggressive approach is close to our human nature.  When we are angered and feel threatened, our nature will lead us to a defensive posture.  Passive-aggressivism is a way to defend ourselves without actually appearing to take action.  It often includes half-truths, twisted truths, and a dab of misinformation.  And it is very harmful to the church!!

There is a strong biblical approach to conflict resolution.  It’s not easy, but it IS God’s way and results in building His kingdom, His church, and His people.  Here is a great article on that:

For goodness sake, please do the right thing when it comes to conflict!!  The church NEEDS people who are sold out to God and dedicated to doing the right thing!!

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