The Value of it all …

17 Jan

One of the greatest resources available to YOU TODAY is free.  And often goes untapped.

When I think about what God is doing at Ebenezer right now, I am humbled.  Thankful to be a part.  Sunday School is STRONG and serves to bind us into close relationships with others for support and accountability.  Worship sets the tone of where we are going as a church:  Our vision, our mission, our marching orders.

When people choose to pursue one but not both facets of Sunday morning, they sell themselves short.  There is something really meaningful happening in morning worship AND in each small group class at Ebenezer.  All excuses aside, there are too many people missing out on one or the other OR BOTH of these!!!

So, here I am this morning praying for Ebenezer.  Praying for my fellow pastors in Florence and their churches.  Praying that we will ALL seek the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and do the right thing in every aspect of our lives!!  Join me!!

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